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Life Events

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Today is a big day for me. Later in the afternoon, I will be saying “I do” to a very special woman. Yes, that’s right, I’m getting married.

This past week has really given me an opportunity to think about my life events; the ones that have already occurred and the ones that are yet to come. So what I’d like to do is share with you some of my past life events:

  • First day of Kindergarten.
  • First kiss.
  • First day of Middle School.
  • Making the basketball team.
  • Winning the 15-Year-Old All Star State Championship.
  • First day of high school.
  • Making the baseball team.
  • First paycheck.
  • First car.
  • Going undefeated in league play during my senior year baseball season.
  • High school graduation.
  • Acceptance into the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • First internship.
  • College graduation.
  • First “real job”.
  • Acceptance into the MBA program at UNR.
  • Buying our first house.
As well as past life events, we all have future life events that we all get to look forward to, like:
  • Getting married.
  • First promotion.
  • Having children.
  • Retirement.
I know my list is short and I left it that way for a reason. I want you to share any others that you’re looking forward to in your future in the comments section below!

Office Mistake #1: Leaving your Desk before Checking your Computer Monitor…

April 1, 2011 9 comments

Do you ever walk by someone’s desk and catch a glimpse of something that probably shouldn’t be on the screen? Maybe they were checking their bank account balance. Maybe they were reading an online news article. Maybe they were checking their most recent paycheck stub online. Or maybe they were on Facebook. So what’s the big deal? Well maybe you work in an environment where it’s acceptable to be surfing the Internet during the work day, but I know where I work, it’s not. Even if it was acceptable, I wouldn’t want people to know how much money I make or how much money I have in my checking account. Leaving pages like this on your screen while you’re away can damage your reputation at work and may even cause you to lose your job. Now, we wouldn’t want that to happen right?

To help you prevent this office mistake, I’d like to share with you a few simple tips and tricks:

1. Lock Your Computer.

Most companies encourage employees to lock their computers when they leave to safeguard their data and information. To lock your computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard at the same time. This should bring up a window asking you what you want to do. The default selection is “Lock Computer.” You can either click that button or press Enter and your computer will be locked. Some computers are not set up to display this window when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del. So, here is a guide to enable the Windows Security window.

ctrl alt delete windows security lock computer

2. Minimize All Windows.

If you don’t want completely lock your computer (since you’ll have to re-login when you return), you can simply minimize all your windows. Pressing Windows+M will send all your open windows to the task bar. This is a good option when you have to get up to grab something from the printer; when you won’t be away from your computer for long.

minimize all windows m

3. Screen Saver.

We all know what a screen saver is (I hope). Using a screen saver is like a back-up plan in case you forget the tips above. You can set your screen saver to turn on after one minute of inactivity and you can set it to prompt the user for a password upon return. That’s like an extra level of security. To turn on your screen saver, right click on the desktop and select Properties. When the Properties window appears, click the Screen Saver tab. From here you can select what type of screen saver you want, how soon you want it to turn on, and whether or not you want to password protect it.

display properties screen saver windows password

4. Turn Off Your Monitor(s).

I’ve never really seen anyone use this option and I wouldn’t recommend it over the three tricks above, but it is an option. Find the power button on your monitor(s) and just shut them off when you leave your desk. When you come back, press the power button to turn the monitor(s) back on.

monitor power button on off dell

**Please note, the tricks above work with Windows XP, as most companies have not migrated to Windows Vista or Windows 7. Although, most of these processes are very similar between each of the operating systems.

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