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Life Events

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Today is a big day for me. Later in the afternoon, I will be saying “I do” to a very special woman. Yes, that’s right, I’m getting married.

This past week has really given me an opportunity to think about my life events; the ones that have already occurred and the ones that are yet to come. So what I’d like to do is share with you some of my past life events:

  • First day of Kindergarten.
  • First kiss.
  • First day of Middle School.
  • Making the basketball team.
  • Winning the 15-Year-Old All Star State Championship.
  • First day of high school.
  • Making the baseball team.
  • First paycheck.
  • First car.
  • Going undefeated in league play during my senior year baseball season.
  • High school graduation.
  • Acceptance into the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • First internship.
  • College graduation.
  • First “real job”.
  • Acceptance into the MBA program at UNR.
  • Buying our first house.
As well as past life events, we all have future life events that we all get to look forward to, like:
  • Getting married.
  • First promotion.
  • Having children.
  • Retirement.
I know my list is short and I left it that way for a reason. I want you to share any others that you’re looking forward to in your future in the comments section below!

What Does Your Car Say About Your Success?

March 18, 2011 20 comments

I want to start by saying that I’m a huge fan of cars and trucks. I know a lot about cars, like what type of engine a car has, whether it uses gas or diesel, whether it’s turbocharged or supercharged, about how much horsepower it has, about how much it costs, and its approximate gas mileage. Yes, I know, it sounds a little obsessive. Even my Fiancé thinks I’m a freak.

But one day, as I was driving from work to school on a Thursday night, I got to thinking about what our cars really mean. Let’s be honest, we all judge people in one way or another and what’s the most common asset that we judge people by? I would like to think it’s our cars. When “Billy Bob” showed up to work in his brand new Camaro, what did you say to yourself? Did you find the time that day to tell Billy Bob how much you liked his new car? How do you think Billy Bob felt when you told him you liked it? The point is: cars stir up a lot of attention and people like talk about it.

2011 BMW 535i 5 series silver grey gray luxury speed fast expensive

There are two reasons why I wanted to bring this up in my blog. One is because I like cars (but I already told you that). The other is the social dilemma that what we drive measures our success. My opinion on this issue is this: Yes, our cars might measure success, but they really shouldn’t. For example, if you drive a 2011 BMW 535i, does that mean you’re rich? Not necessarily. It could mean you just acquired a huge amount of debt that you probably can’t pay back because you wanted people to think you had a lot of money. On the other hand, if you drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla, does that make you poor? No. It could mean you are debt free, have tons of money saved up, and are in the market to pay cash for a really nice house.

1998 toyota corolla tan quality beater

So, what are your opinions? What do you think about the cars we drive? Do you judge people by what they drive? Do you choose a car based on what you think your friends or coworkers will think? Do you want people to judge you by the car you drive?

My opinion? If you’ve got the money, feel free to buy a nice car. I know I plan to when I can afford it. Not because I want people to think I’m rich and successful, but because I just really like cars.

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2011 BMW 5 Series

1998 Toyota Corolla

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