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Office Mistake #4: Sleeping on the Job

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Do you ever walk by someones desk, cubicle, or office and happen to notice that they are asleep?  We’ve got a couple people where I work that you are almost guaranteed to see them sleeping.  Some of them are actually really good at it.  There’s one person who can actually fall asleep with his hand on the mouse and his face pointing toward the computer screen.  You wouldn’t even know he was sleeping unless you walked up to him and asked him a question.

On the other, we’ve got a person who actually looks dead in his chair.  His chin rests on his chest, his glasses are about to fall off his head, and his arms hang down at his sides.  About a year ago, the company hired a new guy in our department.  About a week into his employment, he walked by this persons cubicle and freaked out.  He came into my coworkers cubicle, who sits next to me, and said, “I think he’s dead!”  My fellow coworker laughed at him and said, “No, he’s just sleeping.”

Yes, it’s quite funny to talk about our coworkers who just can’t help but fall asleep at work.  As long as it’s not you.  And in fact, you probably don’t want to be the one that falls asleep at work, because it could lead to getting yourself fired.

So how can we prevent ourselves from falling asleep on the job?  Consider these six tricks:

1. Get yourself a pair of headphones.

This is my favorite way to avoid falling asleep at work.  First off, you’ll need to make sure it’s okay to listen to music in your work environment.  If it is okay, make sure you listen to music you enjoy though, because music you dislike will just help you fall asleep.

2. Take a break.

For those of you who are workaholics.  First in the door and last to leave.  Take a break!  It’s okay.  You should be allowed to take breaks at work, as long as you don’t abuse them.

3. Take a walk.

Consider taking a walk during your breaks.  Get outside and get some fresh air.  It will help you re-energize and stay awake.

4. Turn your lunch break into a power nap.

Most of us get an hour for lunch and most of us bring our own lunch to work.  How long does it actually take you to eat your lunch?  Maybe 15-20 minutes?  Consider taking a power nap for the remaining 40-45 minutes.

5. Pay attention to your sleep patterns.

Most people need about 7-8 hours of sleep every night to function properly during the day.  I personally need to sleep at least 8 hours every night.  Any less and I’ll be dragging the entire day.

6. Take it easy on the caffeine.

I was once a caffeine addict, so I know how hard it is NOT to have an energy drink or cup of coffee when I’m feeling sleepy.  Caffeine is great when taken in small doses, but excessive caffeine consumption can give you a quick buzz, but can actually leave you sleepier than before?

Do you fall asleep at work?  Do you know people who fall asleep on the job?  What tips, tricks, or other techniques would you suggest?

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