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The 6 Step Process to Become Successful by the Age of 25

6 step process to become successful by the age of 25

You ever wonder how some people end up being so successful by the time they’re 25? Ever wonder why others don’t change after high school and end up in the same position at 25 as they were when they were 18? Well, I can’t speak for the latter, but I can share with you my personal path to success:

1. Leave High School in the Past

We all did things in high school that we probably regret, right? Leave those things in the past. They are done and over with and by the time you’re 25, nobody will remember the person you were in high school (I hope). In fact, by the time you’re 25, you will probably be friends with about 5% of the people you knew in high school and will probably keep in touch with only 15% of your fellow high schoolers.

2. Go To College

I can’t stress enough how important a college education is. Not only do you look more valuable on a resume when you’ve got a Bachelor’s degree, but you learn so much more in college that you wouldn’t learn otherwise; things like professionalism, communication skills, and time management. You also meet so many people that can help you throughout your college and professional career, like other students, professors, and other successful professionals.

3. Find your Special Someone

A significant other can be a huge support system during this time in your life. My Fiancé and I started dating the summer after I graduated high school and we’ve been together all through college. She’s kept me on the right track, and in fact, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be on this track. She kept me away from all the parties and other distractions that are present during college and encouraged me to do my best in school.

4. Get an Internship before You Get the Job

If your college offers an internship course, take it! I don’t have to brag about the importance of an internship, because you already know that. Internships are the number one way to get a job when you graduate, but you have to take it seriously. This is your opportunity to show the employer what you’re capable of. Use the things you’ve learned in school to go above and beyond and show them what makes you remarkable.

5. Get a Master’s Degree

If you want to get a Master’s degree at some point, don’t wait to do it! Do yourself a favor and jump right into a Master’s program. You don’t want to wait until after you’re wrapped up in your job and have a family. The longer you wait, the harder it is to go back.

6. Get Noticed by the “Higher Ups”

I don’t mean get all “buddy, buddy” with your boss and his boss. Just make sure the great work you do gets noticed by the “higher ups.” The best way to do this, without being labeled as a brownnoser, is to simply do great work. Not just good work, great work. Great work gets noticed and you’ll be surprised how far your name will travel.

Now that I’ve shared with you my path to career success, it’s your turn to add your own opinions. Share your comments below!

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    This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Thank you!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

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