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Make Your Own Luck: 3 Important Aspects of Success that Work Together

I read a Tweet a few days ago that really struck a nerve with me.  It went something like this.

there's no such thing as luck if its meant to be and you work hard enough you will get it luck is nothing twitter

Anyone who believes this statement is lying to themselves.  Yes, most of us work very hard, but that’s not to say that luck has nothing to do with it.  As I searched through my Twitter stream trying to find this exact Tweet so I could take a screenshot of it, I found a quote that opposed this opinion.

@conniebriscoe there are no secrets to writing success only talent a little luck and a lot of hard work

Although the quote has to do with “writing” success, it’s still relevant to the idea of success as a whole.  Let’s pull out the three important pieces of this quote and discuss how they all relate to success.

1. Talent

This is the base of success.  In order to be successful, you have to be good at something.  Talent is acquired in a number of ways.  You can go to school, you can read books, you can research online, or you can just go out there and do it.

2. Hard Work

Once you’ve figured out what you’re talented at, you have to work hard at it.  Just doing something isn’t always good enough.  You have to have the drive to do things right and with passion.  This is what turns regular work into hard work.

3. Luck

This is where it all comes together.  Luck is when someone or something gives you the opportunity to do something or be someone that you couldn’t do or be before.

Rob Dyrdek Make Your Own Luck Tshirt T-Shirt T Shirt Fantasy Factory

Talent, hard work, and luck have to work together to create success.  I’m going to use myself as an example. When it came to school work, I was talented.  I got all A’s and a couple B’s throughout my undergrad and ended up graduating with a 3.92 GPA.  But there was a reason why I was good; because I worked hard.  I made sure papers were properly formatted, everything was spelled correctly, and my arguments were valid.  I studied diligently until I was overconfident walking into class on test days.  I asked questions and challenged professor’s opinions.  In my third year of college, I took an internship class.  There were about 10 of us in the class and since the job market at the time was terrible, our professor was only able to find two available internships.  He pulled me into his office one day and explained the situation to me.  He wanted to give me first choice because he saw how hard I worked and the potential I had in the professional work force.  I got the internship about a week later, was hired full time when I graduated, and still work for the company today.  I’d like to think that I’m pretty successful and I have my internship professor for thank for it.

If I was talented and worked hard, but nobody saw that and gave me the opportunity to succeed, I’d probably still be prepping softball fields for a bunch of drunken crazies every day.  Likewise, if you have a talent, but you don’t care to work hard at it, who’s going to want to give you the opportunity to succeed?

That’s my take on making your own luck.  Luck is something you have to work hard at.  To say luck is nothing is simply ridiculous.

If you have other opinions on luck, I’d love to hear them.  Please use the comments section below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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Make Your Own Luck

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  1. April 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM


    I appreciate this post tremendously and agree with most of it. My mother raised us to never say we were lucky and that it was a blessing instead.

    I still hold this belief to be, but also believe that happenstance, random occurrences(i.e. “luck”)can have a huge impact on life.

    One area you somewhat covered, but I believe to be of most importance when dealing with life and the realm of “luck” is preparation. Talent can carry you only so far, and having the ability to work hard is a tremendous asset, but that assumes that you are working hard on the right things.

    I think being prepared to take advantage of a “lucky” situation is key. There are many great minds who have been visionaries, but lacked the ability to capitalize on what they saw.

    It pains me to quote Oprah, but I believe she said it best that, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.”

    Without preparation, talent and a strong work ethic can lead to bitterness and frustration. Combine all three, and you can create your own “luck”!

    • April 19, 2011 at 8:24 PM


      Thanks for the comment. You bring up a good point. Luck is something we create, not just something that happens randomly. Preparation is probably one of the biggest precursors to being lucky, hence the phrase “Make your own luck.”


  2. April 19, 2011 at 3:50 PM

    Great post. The only thing we can do is be prepared to succeed, and hopefully, luck, and then success, will find us!

    • April 19, 2011 at 8:26 PM


      “If you build it, they will come…” Right? The more you prepare, the more likely you are to succeed when the opportunity arises.

      Thanks for the comment,

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